Cockatiel & Cockatoo world

Belgium was in the beginning of Cockatiel mutations a country with a lot of Cockatiel breeders.

Now maybe 10 are still breeding Cockatiels at large.

Cockatiel breeding in Belgium has become a real hobby because a grey Tiel cost only 7 Usd.

My name is Danny De Keuleneire and as you can see on my birthday cake I LOVE Cockatiels & Cockatoos.

Because my daughter Lisa (who is only two) love's birds to I started handfeeding my small Tiels.

New birdsoftware

Since then my collection of Tiels has grown and grown.

Now I am handfeeded my first pair of Rose Cockatoos.

Flash -*- News

I won this year's price for best young Tiel 1997 & best old Tiel 1996

on the Belgium Parakeet show!

With a 1997 whiteface-cinnamon-pearl hen & a 1996 lutino hen.

If you are looking for a very nice, big handfeeded Cockatiel send me a E-mail.....

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